Nutrition for Older Adults

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Nutrients are simply substances within foods that your body needs in order to function regularly. They include carbs, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins and, of course, water.

Good nutrition is obviously critical regardless of your age. It’s what supplies you with energy and also can help you regulate your weight. Proper nutrition also can help to reduce the risk of diseases like osteoporosis, certain cancers, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

But as we age, our bodies and lifestyles change, too. That means what you need to remain healthy also changes. For example, although you may require fewer calories, you’ll need to take in enough nutrients. A lot of older adults could benefit from more protein.

Nutrition for Older Adults

However, changes can happen during the natural process of aging that can make it more difficult to eat healthy:

To remain healthy as we age, follow these basic guidelines when it comes to planning your diet:

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Hawkins Williams

Certified Fitness Specialist for Older Adults