Agility Training for Older Adults

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A declining sense of balance and fear of falls are commonly experienced life changes that can affect the quality of life for older adults.

Statistics show at least two senior adults over 65 are treated in emergency rooms for a fall every minute nationwide.* That is quite an eye-opening statistic and even more so considering that hip fractures are among the most common injuries from falls and a leading cause of admissions to nursing homes. A significant percentage of older adults who suffer a fractured hip never completely gain back their mobility.

Falling for older adults can be a serious matter. But the good news is that the risk of falling can be lowered by adopting fitness strategies that help enhance stability, balance and reflexes.

Agility is frequently associated with activities like running though an obstacle course or making fast turns. But these are just a few examples of agility drills. The purpose is generally to help you move more efficiently. By training with Bloomington-Normal Fitness, trainer Hawkins Williams can customize an exercise plan that includes agility training to help improve your balance and coordination.

Agility Training for Older Adults

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Agility training can help improve your:

Strength training is also critical because it gives us more ability to remain independent later on in life. Additionally, having the capability to perform a quick change in direction is very helpful for avoiding situations that could result in a fall or an injury.

Improved agility provides you with a better opportunity to participate in activities that you enjoy like golf, bowling or simply taking daily walks.

*Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

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