What is Strength Training and Why is it Beneficial for Older Adults?

Strength training is a form of weight training. By engaging in regular exercise of certain muscle groups, you will help to strengthen your body’s muscular and skeletal systems. The goal of a custom strength-training program created specifically for you is to “ask” your muscles to exert more effort than they are typically accustomed to. By doing so consistently, your muscles will react by increasing in strength and size.

What equipment do I need?

Experienced personal trainer Hawkins Williams will design a fitness plan for you that may incorporate the use of free weights, stair steppers, variable resistance machines, an exercise bike, elliptical machine or equipment as affordable as exercise tubes. The important aspect is that you utilize equipment that is a good match to your training needs and that you always use it safely. Hawkins recommends that clients first consult with their physician before beginning an exercise regimen.
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Why get a personal trainer?

A personal trainer provides the expertise, motivation and practical guidance that you’ll need to be successful with your fitness endeavors. Without the input of a personal trainer who addresses their specific needs and condition, many people will engage in random activities in an inconsistent manner and fail to attain their fitness objectives. Some will even injure themselves and end up quitting their exercise plan. Don't allow this to happen to you! If you’re serious about achtiving better results and improving your overall wellness, contact Bloomington-Normal Senior Fitness today and schedule a free consultation with Hawkins!

What are some other benefits of strength training?

-Reduces pain and inflammation from arthritis.
-Increases bone density.
-Enhances glucose uptake.
-Reduces and regulates resting blood pressure.
-Improves HDL and decreases LDL cholesterol levels.
-Enhances self-esteem.
-Reduces the symptoms of moderate depression.