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A balance specialist, Hawkins Williams began his athletic career as a cross country and outdoor and indoor track runner in high school. After graduating in 1973, Hawkins took a self-defense class to pursue his interest in learning more about a style of karate known as Japanese Go-Ju Ryu.

“I will ensure that you are putting your efforts into a program that is relevant to your needs, and that you are using safe techniques at all times.”

- Hawkins Williams, Certified Fitness Specialist for Older Adults
After a few years of dedicated training, Hawkins attained the level of first degree black belt. In 1980 he then volunteered his expertise to the McLean County Rape Crisis Center and later taught a program in self-defense for women at Illinois State University through their Campus Recreation Program.
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In January 1984, Hawkins was promoted to second degree black belt and become a two-time member of the United States of America Karate Federation of Illinois in 1985 and again in 1992.


In 1985 he became the National Karate Association Grand Champion and was also named the Outstanding Competitor of the Year. In November of 1989, he was promoted to third degree black belt through the Go-Ju- Ryu Karate-Do Kyokal.


However, in 1986 Hawkins faced a challenge when he developed an illness called Guillain-Barre Syndrome. He was hospitalized for three months with total paralysis from inflammation and degeneration of the myelin sheath.


In November of 1993 he was promoted to fourth degree black belt in the same organization. After the many years of sharing his knowledge with different martial arts schools, he was finally promoted to fifth degree black.

After overcoming the illness, he wanted to learn more about how to get and stay healthy.

After hearing about an international correspondence course in fitness and nutrition, Hawkins began his education on exercise and nutrition. Since then, he has earned certifications through the Cooper Institute, the YMCA, Certified Balance Instructor through the Zibrio Company, Tai Chi Instructor through the Functional Aging Institute (Open the Door to Tai Chi) and the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He continues to enhance his knowledge by taking correspondence classes and attending seminars on exercise science.

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