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Benefits of Strength Training

Strength Training can help with these conditions:

Low Back Pain
This chronic condition can be significantly improved in many people by strengthening lower back muscles. This prevents excessive stress on the spinal area.

Excess Weight
Strength training increases metabolism, which in turn helps you to lose weight. "Yo-yo" diets are dangerous to your health. Practicing the principles of good nutrition in your daily habits is the key to lifelong weight control. 

Blood Pressure
After 6-12 weeks of a proper and consistent weight-training program, resting blood pressure typically reaches a more optimum level. This has been shown by many studies, and I have seen this result in my clients as well. Some have even been able to reduce the amount of medicine that they take.

Joint Replacement
Anyone who has had joint replacement surgery knows that the most important part of the recovery is strenghening the muscles around the joint. The goal of therapy is to return you to your previous life functions prior to the degeneration of the affected area. After therapy, some people stop training those muscles. However, you can actually progress beyond your previous functional abilities by continuing to strengthen the muscles around the joint that you had replaced.

This is a gradual loss of bone proteins and minerals. Research with older men and women indicate that bone loss can be changed to an increase of bone-mineral density through regular and progressive strength training!      

Strength training can help you to: