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Improve Your Posture Normal IL

Improve Your Posture Normal IL

A range of various factors can all contribute to poor posture among older adults, including loss of muscle strength, changes to musculoskeletal structure, declining flexibility, and exercise and lifestyle habits. The following can play a part in the development of bad posture:

-Loss of muscle strength. Age-related loss of muscle tissue can lead to weakness in the areas that support proper posture. Weaker muscles, especially in the shoulders, abdomen, and back, can result in rounded shoulders and slouching.

-Loss of bone density. Osteoporosis, a condition involving decreasing bone density, is commonly experienced in older adults. Weakened bones can negatively affect the alignment of the spine and increase the chances of vertebral fractures, and an unhealthy posture.

-Less joint mobility. Joints, with age, often become stiffer and far less flexible. Consequently, that limits range of motion and affects posture. Less joint mobility frequently contributes to a rounded upper back or a “flatter” lower back.

-Lifestyle, diet and exercise habits. A sedentary lifestyle and extended periods of slouching and inactivity can have a negative impact on your posture. Improper ergonomics, like using poorly positioned furniture or excessive length of time in positions that put strain on the spine also can be contributing factors.

-Degenerative spinal disc disease. Intervertebral discs in the spine, over time, can steadily degenerate, reducing disc height and in some cases altering the spine’s alignment. The result is often a rounded back or a hunched-over posture.

-Pain. Conditions like chronic pain in the back or arthritis can cause seniors to adopt an unhealthy posture to help ease discomfort. But these postures, although the may provide some relief temporarily, can eventually contribute to development of poor posture.

-Lack of awareness. Many seniors may simply not be aware of their bad posture and it becomes habitual.