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What is Strength Training?

Strength training is weight training. By exercising specific muscle groups, you can strengthen your entire muscular/skeletal system. The goal of a strength-training program is to overload or ask your muscles to perform more work than they are used to. When you do so, your muscles respond by increasing in size and strength.

What equipment will you need?

I can design a program for you using free weights, variable resistance machines, stair steppers, elliptical trainers, an exercise bike or something as economical as exercise tubing. The important thing is that you use equipment that suits your training needs and that you use it safely. I recommend you consult your physician before starting an exercise program.

Why have a personal trainer?

A personal trainer provides the knowledge, motivation and support you need in order to be successful in your exercise endeavors. Without the guidance of a personal trainer, many people will do all kinds of random exercises, but still fail to reach their fitness goals. Some will hurt themselves. Many will quit exercising altogether. Don't let this happen to you! If you are serious about getting results, contact Bloomington Normal Senior Fitness today!