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Older Adults

Services for Older Adults

Personal Training Session
  • Perform a kinetic assessment (discover what muscles are weak)
  • Restore function in the kinetic chain (increase strength and balance throughout the body)
  • Education for Older Adults about the basics of good nurtition
  • Provide them with the knowledge of how to perform proper strength training exercises
  • Teach them the importance of becoming physically active
  • Motivate them in reaching their fitness goals
  • Improve their quality of life through exercise
  • Design a proper exercise program tailored to their personal goals
  • Improve range of motion in their joints
  • Encourage them to continue their fitness program
  • Explain how becoming physically active is a life style
  • Exlain how to incorporate an aerobic program
  • Help them understand how hard they should work, how long and how many days to insure an injury free and productive exercise program
  • Increase stability in the core (muscle of the stomach) and in the lower body which helps in preventing falls
  • Improve or possibly restore their independence
Personal Training Session