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A Special Message for Older Adults

Message for Older Adults

After years in the work force, most people look forward to traveling, playing with grandchildren and socializing with friends. But to enjoy these activities you will need to increase your physical fitness.

Unless you work to build muscle strength and endurance, you will experience an ever-increasing loss of muscle strength as you grow older. This makes it difficult to move around as you once did, and it lowers your metabolism and ability to burn calories. That leads to higher levels of body fat, back problems and many other health challenges.

Strength training is valuable because it improves muscle strength and endurance. Thus you gain better balance and are less likely to fall. This helps you maintain an independent and active lifestyle.

Strengh training can help you to...

  • reduce pain in stiff joints
  • lower blood pressure
  • reduce risk of heart attack
  • fight diabetes
  • maintain flexibility and mobility
  • increase bone density
  • improve muscle tone
  • keep muscles strong
  • lower the risk of osteoperosis
  • maintain your health, which in turn reduces your medical costs

Even if you already have a medical condition wuch as osteoperosis, arthritis, diabetes or heart disease, you can benefit significantlt from strength training.